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Safe, welcoming Place: Coronavirus update

Your safety is our top priority. Find out how we are making sure that your CX home is as safe as possible.

The X way is the safe way

Today more than ever, the health and safety of all the people who make CX such a special place - our guests, our employees, our visitors, our contractors - is what matters the most.


This is why everywhere within our structures we fully embraced all the provisions issued by the health authorities, to guarantee the same high level of security and the same unforgettable experiences to everyone. And to do so in the most impeccable way, we took hospital hygiene best practices and made them ours. 


The first thing you'll notice is that we placed information on correct personal hygiene and social distancing in the most visible points. 


Furthermore, we adopted all the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and 1 meter distancing signage suggested by the scientific and health authorities.


We are also taking measures that are perhaps less visible, however not less important. 


We intensified the daily cleaning and periodic sanitization of the premises, especially the front offices and the areas of greatest passage, giving extra care to those objects that are touched most frequently, like light switches, door handles, TV remotes and thermostats. 


We went paperless, by abandoning printed documents (still available upon request) in favor of digital formats. And from September 1st 2020, we've also become cash-free. 


We trained our staff on health and safety matters. 


We limited the number of people who can access our common areas at the same time and made sanitizing products available to our guests. 


And you will be pleased to know that our XFOODs and bars are open and  will continue to adapt the catering service in accordance with the current food safety recommendations.


This is what you can expect in all the CX around the country, so you and your loved ones can rest assured that the X way of living is also THE SAFE WAY OF LIVING.

PNRR - Piano Nazionale Ripresa e Resilienza