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Press Review

In the news

  • 100624

    Student Housing, presented the Campus & Hotel CX project in Bologna Navile

  • 240424

    In the hotel bistro, events and work spaces

  • 040424

    University campuses in Milan, all new urban redevelopment projects

  • 140324

    CampusX and Mews in partnership to transform hybrid hospitality in Italy

  • 290224

    Campus in the ex-Telecom: opening in September

  • 160124

    New student hall in Milan: Campus X arrives, an innovation for students and city

  • 030124

    Milan | Novate - NOM construction site and Techbau studentate: January 2024

  • 211223

    Hôtellerie, talent program arrives to train workers

  • 251123

    From suburbs to up-and-coming neighborhoods: this is how the North of Milan is revived

  • 151123

    Campus X goes into communications to tell about the Connecting Experience. Signature I MILLE

  • 171123

    NoM as in Nolo, Soupra, Napa. Yesterday peripheries. Today emerging neighborhoods of Milan.

  • 120923
    La Stampa - Turin

    Mina's battle: 'Online education for Afghan women'

  • 130723

    Student housing, 40 million for the former Inps in Naples thanks to Cdp

  • 120723
    Il Resto del Carlino - Modena

    Regeneration ex Fonderie, the award arrives

  • 230523

    Campus X, construction of student housing at the ex Fonderia Corni starts in Modena

  • 080523

    CampusX, a thousand new places in the new student house just outside Milan

  • 030523
    Vanity Fair

    Hotels in Turin: the best in the city!

  • 080423
    Il Settimanale - Quotidiano Immobiliare

    Campus X’s hybrid hospitality model

  • Girls studying in coworking
  • 021222

    From CampusX call for applications for scholarships in Turin

  • 131022

    Turin 2023: a third campus is coming

  • 121022

    Turin, autumn 2023: third opening for CampusX in Corso Regina

  • 010722
    Donna Moderna

    Maryam, Sabera, Nazanin e Farzana: a new life away from Kabul

  • 010722
    Il Venerdì - La Repubblica

    Life after Kabul: Farzana's story thanks to the 'Culture Builds The Future' project

  • 240622

    "Culture Builds The Future" - meeting between donors and students: the great reunion at CXRome

  • 221221
    La Repubblica

    "Culture Builds The Future" - CX's project for the future of ten Afghan girls

  • 101221

    CX in Turin: a new residential format in the city

  • 230921

    Turin: CX opens two new campuses in San Salvario and Vanchiglia

  • 230921

    Inaugurated in Turin two new campuses for a total of 600 beds

  • 020821

    CX with Doc24 for free medical care for students

  • 030721
    Quotidiano Immobiliare

    CampusX Major Projects - Samuele Annibali tells about CX's future plans: the creation of modern and sustainable "smart cities" and the goal of 10,000 rooms by 2025

  • 130421

    CX-Place joins the META project for free training of young people

  • 310521

    CX-Place arrives in Milan: in 2023 a student housing of over a thousand beds

  • 230321

    Co-living sector explodes in Trieste: CX-Place will open more than 370 places by 2023

  • 180321

    CX-Place: "donate blood, support life"

  • 040321
    Il Piccolo

    CX-Place lands in Trieste: a new campus will arise in the former Telecom tower

  • 260221
    L'Economia del Corriere della Sera

    CX-Place achieves Great Place To Work certification

  • 200121

    Universities as resorts, here's CX-Place

  • 140121

    Student housing, CampusX changes name and logo in "CX-Place"

  • 120121

    The CampusX plan, from Trieste to Milan 10,000 rooms

  • 211220

    CampusX switches permanently to Italian partners

  • 111220

    Campus X and Treedom: the Breath forest is born

  • 071220

    Turin: CampusX opens two new university residences in the city center

  • 220920

    Campus X bets on University residences to bridge the Italian gap with the rest of Europe

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