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EXPERIENCE - Fondazione

The Experience Foundation

The eXperience Foundation was created to promote research and innovation among young people, through co-working activities, seminars, events and training moments, using the physical spaces of CX.


The goal is to bring out and collect creative ideas, projects and initiatives of the new generations, in order to deliver them to the community.




Registered Office: Via Giovanni Paolo II, 179 - 66100 Chieti
VAT Nr: 02569820695
FC: 93056360691

The Fondazione eXperience is a non-profit legal entity, set up on the initiative of CAMPUS X SRL and having as its purpose the divulgation of scientific culture and knowledge throughout the country, purpose pursued by promoting and encouraging initiatives for the training of university students, PhD students, researchers, teachers, participants in specialization courses, master, universities and institutions of higher Italian or foreign education, as well as supporting and enhancing the talents of students during their academic life and in the completion of their personal, cultural and professional training.

In order to achieve its aims, the Foundation proposes to:

  • Organize and manage training and specialization courses, seminars, tutoring activities and similar initiatives, also in collaboration with Italian and foreign universities, public and private entities

  • Grant scholarships and funds for research projects of individual scholars or associates in the fields of institutional operations of the Foundation

  • Promote forms of integration between university poles and experimental technology, encouraging the development of the fundamental themes of the new "green economy" as a place of innovation with a view to efficient and eco-sustainable development

  • Promote activities and initiatives aimed at acting in a significant way on the social development of the surrounding area, building an integrated interdisciplinary level of scientific and technical knowledge in order to represent an example of avant-garde in the construction of a true "smart community"

  • Promote, organize and manage support services and help for young students

  • Collaborate with national and foreign bodies with similar purposes and with international cultural organizations


External communication and  media relation:

Telephone: +39 338 4108124

PNRR - Piano Nazionale Ripresa e Resilienza